Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens. We have a right to equal funding for healthcare.

Puerto Rico Governor and New Coalition Demand Federal Government Take Action to Avert Immediate Disaster Facing Healthcare System

The newly formed Puerto Rico Healthcare Crisis Coalition, a broad group of patient advocates, doctors, hospitals, insurers and business leaders, has joined forces with Governor Alejandro García Padilla to call on the Federal Government to take immediate action to prevent the imminent collapse of Puerto Rico’s healthcare system. A collapse will not only jeopardize care for millions of these U.S. citizens, but could result in a dramatic blow to Puerto Rico’s weak economy.

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NPR SOS: Puerto Rico Is Losing Doctors, Leaving Patients Stranded

Puerto Rico is losing people. Due to a decade-long recession, more than 50,000 residents leave the U.S. territory each year—most for jobs and new lives on the mainland. This issue is especially affecting healthcare, where it’s estimated that at least one doctor leaves Puerto Rico every day...

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To President Barack Obama and Congress:

Federal healthcare funding rates for Puerto Rico are half the rate of mainland states, yet these U.S. citizens pay the same social security and Medicare rates as mainland residents.

This ongoing underfunding has Puerto Rico's healthcare system on the brink of collapse, jeopardizing care for 3.5 million Puerto Ricans and threatening to push Puerto Rico's already fragile economy over the edge.

We call on you to address this blatant discrimination by providing equal funding for Puerto Rico's healthcare system, which serves 3.5 million American citizens, before it is too late…

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