Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens. We have a right to equal funding for healthcare.

PUERTO RICO’S HUMANITARIAN CRISIS: Severe underfunding of Puerto Rico’s healthcare system is pushing it to the brink of collapse and is already threatening patient care.


• Puerto Rico receives half the rate of federal healthcare funding while the Island’s U.S. citizens pay the same Medicare tax as mainland residents.
• The severe federal funding cuts the Island is currently facing could amount to $3 billion in the next two years.
• The Medicare Advantage program may no longer be viable next year if funding to insurers isn’t restored.
• The Medicare Advantage system’s collapse will cause the migration of patients to Mi Salud, the Island’s Medicaid program, resulting in a $400-$800 million cost to the already cash-strapped program.
• In addition to systematic underfunding, Puerto Rico will have to make the tough choice of scaling back Medicaid services or paying $1.8 billion when the Affordable Care Act Medicaid grant runs out in 2017.
• Sixty eight percent of the Island’s population – over 2.37 million patients – receives their care through Medicare, Medicare Advantage (MA) or Medicaid.
• The healthcare industry represents 20 percent of Puerto Rico’s GDP, with around 100,000 people working in the industry. A collapse will not only jeopardize care for millions of these U.S. citizens, but could result in a dramatic blow to Puerto Rico’s weak economy.