Which Sportsbooks Should You Bet On?


As the legalization of sports wagering nears, the issue of which Sportsbooks to bet on is a looming one. The sportsbook industry has experienced a surge in popularity since 2010 and sports betting bills are being introduced all over the country. Some states would create a market, like New Jersey or Mississippi, with different tax rates and different models of how many Sportsbooks to open. Either way, it appears that Sportsbooks are here to stay, and they’re only going to grow.

While betting has become a popular activity for adults and college students alike, sports betting is particularly popular among young adults. According to the Annenberg Policy Studies Initiative, 21% of university students are deeply rooted in casinos, lottery tickets, and sports betting. Teenagers are also a significant demographic for online sportsbooks. Moreover, one study found that 20% of university students play gambling apps monthly. Ultimately, the question of whether or not sports betting is appropriate for college students remains an open one.

The best US sportsbooks have a wide range of markets for the NBA, the most popular basketball league in the world. You’ll find pre-season NBA draft markets on the best US sportsbooks. There’s also a large number of NFL markets, including game lines and prop bets. The NFL is another popular option, with lengthy, complex matches that allow for massive amounts of prop bets. If you like football, the NFL may be more appropriate for you.